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Trusts & Estates

We work tirelessly and relentlessly to meet your goals and achieve desired results.

1) Estate Planning

Leydiker Law provides a full range of estate planning and administration services by helping clients preserve family wealth and minimize income, estate, gift and generation-skipping transfer taxes.

In addition to preparing wills and trusts of various kinds, we are active in family business planning.  We work with our clients to develop practical solutions for ownership transfers and to minimize tax consequences.

We also advise clients on charitable contribution and provide assistance in dealing with complex issues related to the care of the very young, the elderly, and the incapacitated. 

2) Trust and Probate Administration

We provide probate and trust administration services to clients throughout the Bay Area. 

If you have been named as executor, administrator or personal representative of an estate, or as the person responsible for administering a trust, you want an experienced lawyer to help protect your interests.  The requirements for administering a trust or taking an estate through the probate process can be complex and confusing.  It is important to have a knowledgeable attorney to guide you through the process.

3) Trust and Probate Litigation

Trust and Probate matters can be emotionally devastating and extremely difficult to resolve, as family members and friends are often pitted against each other while still working through the trauma of a recent death.  Resolving these disputes requires not only knowledge of California probate law but also a firm grasp of the civil litigation process.

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