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Civil Litigation

Dedicated to helping people resolve their legal conflicts as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Leydiker Law is experienced in multiple areas of civil litigation, providing aggressive and strategic representation.  We take a professional, business-like approach to the litigation of civil matters.  Not every case requires a lengthy trial.  Where it’s possible to negotiate, mediate, or arbitrate a resolution that favors our clients' position and does not needlessly sacrifice important rights and opportunities, we will seize that opportunity.

If you have been physically or financially injured, you may have grounds to file a lawsuit to seek monetary damages, including punitive damages if the harm was intentional or reckless.  A civil action might also seek an injunction to cease and desist, return of property that belongs to you, or other specific remedy.  We will work to establish the negligence or wrongful acts and aggressively pursue your just compensation or desired outcome.

If you are being sued, you could be personally liable for damages.  We provide proven and cost-effective defense to preserve, protect and enforce your rights.  We are experts in navigating through the civil litigation terrain to insure that your side of the case is presented fully and fairly.

If you are in need of an experienced and aggressive attorney, we are prepared to represent you and defend your rights.



Straight talk and clear advice. We take the time to explain.



Down-to-earth and dynamic. Our expertise and liberating approach make us stand out.



No hidden costs or overcharging. We offer a service that articulates value and benefit to our clients.

Legal Solutions Made Painless -The Leydiker Way